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  • Do I need to send the test to a laboratory for analysis?
    No, the Senora test is entirely self-administered from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere you go, for that matter. All you need to do is apply the sticker to the inside of your underwear and go about your daily activities. When you’re back home, take a look at the sticker to review the results of the test.
  • How accurate is it when compared to self-administered laboratory tests?
    Based on our studies, the Senora test is often more accurate than self-administered laboratory tests. The reason for this is that the fluid being tested never leaves the area from where it was collected before being used for analysis, which eliminates the transportation time and potential contamination with other substances, dust, etc.
  • Isn’t it enough to just measure pH?
    Short answer is: unfortunately, no. Long answer: The vaginal microbiome is an intricate and dynamic microecosystem that constantly undergoes fluctuations during the female menstrual cycle. The pH level is both a cause and effect when it comes to bacterial changes in the vagina. Some bacteria change the pH level, while others start to thrive when the pH level changes. Therefore, although it is important to monitor the pH level and maintain it within the healthy range, it is more important to identify what kinds of bacteria are currently thriving and growing inside to prevent diseases, such as vaginosis, from getting out of control.
  • What is the correct way to use Senora?
    Simply peel off the adhesive test indicator from the roll and apply it inside your underwear, right under the vagina. Next, peel off the protective layer and go about your daily life just like before. When you take your underwear off—check the sticker to read the results.
  • Do I still need to visit my gynecologist when using Senora?
    Of course! Senora is a tool for you and your gynecologist to keep track of your vaginal health daily, but you still want to get a gynecologist to prescribe treatment or give tips on how to maintain a healthy vaginal microbiome. We are confident that your gynecologist will appreciate the information that Senora will give you.
  • Where do you ship?
    Currently, we only ship Senora across Canada. Please subscribe below to receive updates and we will reach out to you when we are ready to fulfil orders worldwide.
  • Is Senora comfortable to wear?
    Yes, we made Senora using hypoallergenic materials that are comfortable to wear daily. We guarantee that you will not feel it at all when out and about, because of how small and snug it is.
  • Can I track how my vaginal health changes daily using Senora?
    Yes, please download our application for iOS or Android and you can log your results daily. You can then share your log with your gynecologist to give them insights that will better equip them to help you maintain a healthy microbiome down there.
  • Can Senora be used as a regular menstrual pad?
    No, Senora does not replace your regular pads, because it has limited absorption qualities.
  • Can Senora be used for self-diagnosis?
    We only recommend using Senora as a regular check-up tool that your gynecologist can gain valuable information from. Always consult your doctor, do not attempt to self-diagnose. The Senora application makes it easy for you to log your health and share it with your healthcare provider.
  • Does it come in multiple sizes?
    We made Senora to fit the vast majority of panty sizes, but should you require something custom for that extra special underwear – feel free to cut the wings and trim the pad to your liking before applying it. Please don’t cut the actual analysis pad, as that may irreversibly damage it.
  • Is the Senora application secure?
    Yes, rest assured that we’ve taken into account every single industry best practice when it comes to personal health data protection. We honour and respect your need to remain private when it comes to your health, so the application will only share information you choose with your healthcare provider after you explicitly confirm that it is something you want the application to do
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